Tips for Becoming a Sharp Trap Shooter

Tips for Becoming a Sharp Trap Shooter

Hard work, practice and dedication are the key to getting success at any sporting field. But how to be a
good trap shooter. Here are some tips for you.

Safety Comes First

During all your target shooting, always remember to wear your eye and ear protection guards. This is important to maintain your safety. Many veteran shooters also advise to handle guns like they are loaded, even when they are not. However, it’s essential to keep your gun unloaded until you use it for Clay Trap Shooting Australia. In fact, if you are to cross any fence, ditch or stream, make sure that your gun is not loaded. You should also keep the muzzle of the gun pointed downward unless you want to shoot. It is also very important to ensure that your gun is not pointed at anything you don’t want to shoot.

Get the Right Gun Fit

Your gun must be well fitted to shoot where you are looking at. You can check whether your gun has got the right fit by setting up a target board around 16 yards away. Now take the gun and shoot without aiming at the object. If the high density point is off center, then the gun needs to be well fitted.

Figure Out Your Dominant Eye

It’s a common belief that a right-handed shooter has a dominant right eye and vice versa with the left- handed shooter. But this is not true for everyone. So, if you don’t know which is your dominant eye, you can do a quick check at home. Stand straight and point to an object at the other side of the room. Now, close your right eye. If you can see the object at the end of your finger, you are left-eye dominant. But if you are unable to see the object, then open your right eye and close the left one. This if you see the object, you are right-eye dominant.

Practice with an Unloaded Gun

No matter how much skills you have got, practice sharpens up your skills. So, if you want to get best shots every time you mount your gun for shooting, then inculcate the habit of making at least ten practice mounts or swings into your everyday routine. In fact, it’s a great idea to practice before a mirror. In this way you can correct your stance and be more careful about mounting your gun to the shoulder. You can also use Voice Activated Trap Shooting during your practice sessions to improve your performance.

Additional Tips From Skilled Shooters Across the World-

1. Aim right at the target
2. Keep moving your barrel before pulling the trigger
3. Set a target in advance
4. Analyze misses before resuming another round
5. Get low recoil loads during target practicing
6. Follow the proper stance
7. Work on your right form

Now, whether you are a novice or an experienced shooter, you might want to get some technologically advanced clay shooting systems to optimize your performance in this field. E-Trap is a renowned name for providing high-quality and innovative solutions to veteran and upcoming shooters. To check out their products, visit their site

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